Travel to North Africa

Information About Travel Destinations for Countries in North Africa

For people living in Britain, Continental North Africa is not a particularly popular destination largely due to the levels of political unrest in the region.  However there are some exceptions.  Sun-seekers traveled to Tunisia in large numbers until the recent shootings on the beach. Egypt also offers many attractions but instability there has reduced tourist numbers.  Both countries do remain open-for-business for tourists as does Morocco which is possibly the pick of the crop currently. 

However, off shore, this region does posses some perennial favourites including Madeira, the Azores, the Canary Islands and the Pelagie Islands, the latter being an Italian Dependency off the cost of Tunisia which is popular with Italian sun-seekers. Pick the Country (below) that you are interested in and find out more about what to expect and what to find:

Portugese Dependencies:

Italian Dependencies:

Spanish Dependencies: