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Information About Travel to Indian Sub-continent & Islands of the Indian Ocean

Australasia is a popular destination for people living in Britain & Ireland and is often treated as a once-in-lifetime trip. Besides the fact that most of this region enjoys a common language and a common interest in sport, there are many iconic places to visit and, for many British people, relatives and members of their family. However, it should be remembered that these countries are the furthest from the UK resulting in limited options for both holidays and flights.

Indian Sub-Continent Destinations

Islands of the Indian Ocean 

Parent Nations: (A) Australia; (F) France; (I) India; (In) Indonesia; (K) Kenya; (M) Mozambique; (ML) Malaysia; (My) Myanmar/Burma; (S) Somalia; (SL) Sri Lanka; (T) Tanzania; (Th) Thailand; (UK) United Kingdom; (Y) Yemen.